Review – Ponytail: The Love for Revenge | Dr. Pradip Chauhan


  • Title: Ponytail: The Love for Revenge
  • Author: Dr. Pradip Chauhan
  • Publisher: HRC Publisher
  • Release Date: May 1st 2016
  • Pages: 172


Prabuddh is famous for his flamboyant avatar. His big hair is a very hot topic of discussion amongst his office folks. But he has some desire which keeps him burning from inside.

Three women, Tapasya, Kaumudi and Amita, make Prabuddh reach different sections of his life.

Which way his destiny takes him? What effect the trio has on his life? Does it end on a normal trip? Or something really big lies in front?

This is going to be a short review as unfortunately, I do not have much to say. As you can see from the blurb itself, grammatical errors are present, which is really what you will find throughout the book too – a huge bummer for me.

Ponytail: The Love for Revenge is a love story of how businessman Prabuddh discovers the true value of love, one which is more than all the riches life has to offer him. I found his character self-absorbed (extremely full of himself!), overly-confident yet highly liked among his upper class social circle. Told in the first narrative, it did not take long for me to get annoyed with how highly he views himself, his business and achievements.

The plot was largely predictable but with a huge twist at the end which was rather lazy and weird, if you ask me. I did not enjoy this read, but I do believe given improvements in writing (plot and grammar, specifically), it could possibly be more entertaining.


Nonetheless, I would like to thank the author, Dr. Pradip Chauhan, for this review copy in exchange for my honest review.

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