Review – Let Me Fly Free | Mary Fan

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  • Title: Let Me Fly Free
  • Author: Mary Fan
  • Publisher: Glass House Press
  • Publication Date: July 5th 2016
  • Pages: 60


Fire fears nothing. And Elaia is about to show her world that she doesn’t, either.

Like the rest of her kind, fire nymph Elaia is bound to her homeland, a forest whose borders were closed centuries earlier in a peace agreement between the humans and the enchanted creatures of the Terrestrial Realm.

But her heart is as restless as the flames she casts, and she secretly yearns to defy that order.

When a mysterious threat creeps into the forest, an invisible beast that leaves a trail of death in its wake, Elaia is determined to fight back and protect her people. Before she can, however, she must learn what the beast is … and the answers lie beyond the borders of her land.

Defeating this evil means she’ll have to go outside the rules, but she’ll do anything to find the answers she seeks—even if leaving her homeland means not only breaking the law, but risking her own life.

Let Me Fly Free is a story of Elaia, a fire nymph, and her tireless journey in protecting her homeland from evil.

This is my first time reading Fantasy in novella form so I do appreciate Mary Fan’s work in the world building which must have been a challenging task. It was really easy to follow and the descriptions did justice in painting the magical world in my mind. I loved the main character, Elaia, as it reminded me of my favourite childhood character, Tinker Bell, from Peter Pan. She had an elegant yet strong attitude to her, which was a winner.

Unfortunately, the plot to me was very plain as there was nothing particularly special about it. The beginning was fine but as I progressed in my reading, I wasn’t drawn to the story and just when I was looking forward to the climax, I was extremely disappointed as it was too rushed for my liking – that’s it? 😦 

Despite not enjoying the book, I must credit the author for gifting us with Elaia’s heroic voice. She showed very strong will and determination as the heroine, which I adored.

Thank you Glass House Press for sending me a copy of this book to review!



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